Friday, March 28, 2008

Mooooooooooom, I Want My Own URL! I Want it I Want it I Want it!

Melody, my love, this is for you to read when you're older:

you know, kids grow up wired these days. a URL might not seem that important to us, but to the kids of tomorow, it's as central as the title of an article.

melody will grow up with an inferiority complex. "my mom never dedicated a whole blog to me like she did for theo. and even after she merely added me to HIS blog, she never even changed the URL. it's still howstheo."

the kids. they are wired and web-savvy. beware.

when she says that, I'll say: "But child, your brother is my first born and your father's male heir. It's only natural for him to get top billing and more love and affection than you. Be grateful you're alive, you wretch, in other countries they drown daughters."

that is brilliant. you should actually post my email and ur reply on the blog for posterity.if your daughter is as smart and witty and hip as i think she'll be, she'll appreciate this exchange.

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Mental P Mama said...

Don't worry...there's always therapy.