Thursday, March 13, 2008

Froggie Eye Candy

Theo's teacher Grace made my day this morning when she emailed me this photo from Tuesday, which was Pajama Day at school. She sent me this photo as a response to my question, which was "how did Theo react when Elmo came to school?" Now this is what I call an answer!

Aw, and look at Lizbeth to Theo's left, with her Dora slippers. You mean I really get to dress up a little girl like that soon?

Theo was funny that morning; he was utterly confused when I was making him change out of his pajamas into...pajamas. "No bed!" he complained. I explained that everyone was going to wear pajamas to school that day, even Grace, and that he could bring Knuffle Bunny. And then he was happy.

Pajama Day was a celebration of reading. They made pancakes and read bedtime books like Goodnight Moon. I was excited to learn that Elmo was visiting school. Theo LOVES Elmo, it's his favorite part of Sesame Street, and every night we sing "Elmo's World" but change the lyrics. Like, "La la la la, la la la la, Theo's world, Theo loves his mommy and daddy too, that's Theo's world." He gets very silly and creative. The other day he sang "Umbrella world, umbrella loves raining and snowing too." Haha!

This one has nothing to do with Pajama Day, but I had to throw it in. This was Sunday...we got home after an exhausting but fun weekend with Grandma Ice Cream and family and shopping at the mall. He took a bath and didn't even make it to a horizontal position before passing out. I think it's funny that with the blankets he's wrapped in under there, he actually takes the shape of a frog.

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