Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mr. Perfect Boy

On St. Patrick's Day we decided Theo was the perfect kid that evening. We went out for an Irish dinner with friends (Billy and Jonathan) in a Sunnyside pub/restaurant. Theo brought his train that Grandma Popcorn bought him at the railyard, which has become his favorite toy du jour.

At the restaurant, Theo went to the bathroom twice, and repeatedly asked for vegetables, particularly carrots, corn and broccoli. He ate his entire dinner, and afterward even ate a tomato! Joe and I puffed out our chests; it's always fun to look good in front of friends. Of course, we rewarded the good boy with ice cream. Here's Melody, kicking off her third trimester--literally!Yes, yes, we wore green, cuz I'm corny like that. But hey, at school they made green eggs and ham, which he really enjoyed!!

At home, the perfection continued. He was agreeable about going to bed, though of course he dictated which books were to be read and in what order, then he dictated what songs to sing, and my favorite part--he dictated the goodnight kiss.

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