Monday, March 24, 2008

Preparing for Baby

I’m in my third trimester now, so let the preparations begin! Grandma Popcorn and I shopped for Melody’s “coming home from hospital” outfit and got a couple other little things. We got a little sunhat and frilly, tiny socks…it’s hard to imagine feet small enough to go in them…the fun has begun!

Yesterday we prepared an area for Melody in our bedroom. Joe moved around all the furniture, and our room feels a lot bigger and more spacey now. I can’t wait to buy her crib and put it in her new spot! Both the cats and Theo were very interested when all the moving was going on. Maow was downright confused, sniffing everywhere and looking around with those silly wide eyes.

Theo was in the way, but he refused to leave the room because he was too into what was going on. He grabbed a broom and helped sweep while daddy worked. I told him that daddy was making room for his baby sister, and we were making a spot for the baby to sleep. He shook his head and said, “no.”

The biggest question I get from coworkers and acquaintances is, “How does Theo feel about becoming a big brother?” My answers vary; I usually don’t feel like getting into an explanation of Theo’s situation and how he doesn’t fully understand and blah blah blah. I wonder about it myself, though. I think he understands at least a little that there is a baby inside my tummy, but I don’t know if he can translate that into there actually being a baby whom he’ll meet pretty soon. And of course, the whole concept of having a sister is too abstract for him to comprehend, but he will sure love having a baby around when he meets her. We’re certain of that. He loves babies. I wonder what he’ll make of it when he comes to the hospital and sees a baby in my arms, especially when we tell him it’s this Melody person he’s been hearing about for so long. What connections will he make? What will go on in that gorgeous little head of his?

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