Monday, June 02, 2008

Baby Shower Numero Dos

Friday, May 23rd. My friend and co-worker Amy, who usually works at the 92nd street office, came in, saying she was there for a Humane Education meeting. (Humane Ed. is one of our departments here.)

I went downstairs to Pax to get breakfast. I ordered a nice, healthy spinach, tomato and cheese omelet for Melody. When I got upstairs, I was starving and ready to dig in. I was just taking my first bite when another friend and co-worker, Julie, came over to my desk. She told me we were being called in for the Humane Ed. meeting.

I grabbed my notepad and pen and followed Julie to the conference room, all the while complaining that I didn't get to eat and grumbling that I had too much work to do and why wasn't I notified about this meeting and blah blah blah.

Obviously, when Julie opened the door to the conference room, it wasn't a Humane Ed. meeting waiting on the other end, but my co-workers blowing noise makers and applauding. One even shouted "Aw, look, she has her notepad!" and everyone laughed. On the table there was a giant breakfast spread, and the room was covered in baby shower decorum.

Now, my office is the type to celebrate birthdays and things, so I'd be lying if I said I had no idea I'd get a shower. BUT we always do the parties in the afternoon, so this breakfast shower took me COMPLETELY off guard! I'm so thrilled that they pulled off the surprise!! Anita photographed the shower, and here I am walking in:

My team went above and beyond. Pune, my boss, handled the awesome decorations. Michele, Alison, and Melissa planned such cute things. There was a piggy bank to which everyone had contributed money for Melody's trust fund...she got over 100 dollars! I've already put it into an account for her. There was a heart-shaped box where people could insert Pearls Of Wisdom. I haven't read them yet, since Michele is going to compile them into a book, but I expect them to be hilarious! Amy drew a fantastic, intricate picture of Melody surrounded by music notes (see pic in photo album). I got diapers and a baby book, too.

Best of all, Emily and Melissa had everyone contribute an article of baby clothing -- a onesie, socks, a bib-- and they hung all the items individually on a clothesline. I was instructed to pull the clothesline out of a giant bag. I pulled, and pulled, and went on for infinity, it seemed!

Once again, I was overwhelmed at the love and effort thrown at me. My team is incredible, and so are the people who showed up, even senior staff members I didn't know too well. I'm not going to miss working while on leave, but I'm going to miss my friends. Between the two amazing showers I had in one week, I feel like one lucky mama.

Check out pics from the shower!
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P.S. I never did get to eat the breakfast I ordered at Pax. Oh well!

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