Saturday, June 21, 2008

Theo's Preschool Graduation


Here's his graduation video...if you can't tolerate minutes of preschool singing, at least fast forward to the last ten seconds when Theo gets his diploma. It's worth seeing!

Theo's been singing his graduation songs around the house for weeks. You can tell he was a bit overwhelmed by the big crowd, and when the time came, sort of half sang and half looked around. It was the same with many of the kids. Theo was so cute when he spotted me, Joe and Grandma Popcorn in the audience. He did a double take and then smiled and waved.

When Theo marched in, Joe and I couldn't help but tear up. There was a photo of him in cap and gown on the wall, and he looked so tall and handsome. And I couldn't be more proud when he ran up to get his diploma. He was the most excited one in the room.

After the ceremony, there was a party in Theo's classroom. There was a ton of food, and we watched the kids march around the room to "The Ants Go Marching In," another song Theo is always singing at home. The kids all got balloons, and every one of them cried at least once when it broke. Too funny.

One of Theo's classmates, Ana, has a twin sister, who came with her mom to visit. Theo's reaction upon seeing the two of them together was priceless: "Look! Two Ana's!"

Melody, of course, was a big hit at school. The teachers who had been waiting with anticipation were excited to meet her. And the kids went crazy swarming around Theo's baby sister.

At the end of the party, Lavern and Grace presented the graduates with custom-made T-shirts and books. Theo is home now on a break, and then in July, summer session begins. After that--gulp--kindergarten!


Grandma Ice-Cream said...

I couldn't wait to see this! So proud of my big boy! He actually had composure when he got his diploma and waved.

Sharon said...

Congratulations to Theo...Send him huge hugs and kisses from all of us.. He is so handsome..We all miss him ..We may have to have a beach day celebration for him one of these days..He is missed dearly..especially by Jasmine..:0)Miss you guys..Hope all is well and XOXOXO to Melody...