Thursday, June 26, 2008

Registered for Kindergarten!

What a relief! Theo is registered in a NYC Board of Ed. public school that we actually really like!
P.S. 71 in Ridgewood, Queens, is a small and old school (the building is over 100 years old), which gives it a bit of charm.

There are two full-time speech therapists on staff, as well as the other specialists Theo needs. We met one of them, and we met Theo's future Kindergarten teacher, a lovely young woman whom we immediately liked. We met the special ed. supervisor, who was very sweet and helpful. A social worker took us on a tour and showed us every bit of the school, including the two air-conditioned music classrooms (poor mom! her school doesn't have that!). Every staff member we talked to was exceedingly kind; they all obviously care a great deal about the children.

Theo's classroom is adorable, and the kids are on a similar level to the ones in his class at preschool, so that shouldn't be too much of a change for him. There will be about 10 kids in his class.

The special ed. kids are integrated into the rest of the school. They attend lunch, assemblies and playtime together. They will be following a standard Kindergarten curriculum. The staff is very focused on getting these kids caught up and the goal is for them to ultimately be in a regular classroom.

For now, P.S. 71 is in and that Long Island school is out. I hope this works out!
Bottom Line: I am the mother of a registered kindergartner. Sniff!

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