Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who's Met Melody?

Everybody, that's who!


The day Melody was born, Lisandra arrived just minutes after birth. I had sent her a text to make her way over once the contractions got bad, just like I'd promised I would. The grandmas came soon after, arriving at the same time. My dad and Theo were with mom. Elliot and Gloria got there a few minutes later. Pretty soon my big, loud family was gushing over Melody while I lay in my postpartum hospital room, feeling sorry for my roomie, a new mom who probably wanted to be sleeping!

The gang left, and I sent out a mass text to my friends to announce the birth. A lot has changed in 5 years. With Theo I sent out proper birth announcements via snail mail. Will I do that now? Not a chance! Sorry, guys. Anyway, I sent the text saying visiting hours are 10 to 1o. Billy texted: "I'm on my way." Billy showed up with two other guys I knew from our karaoke outings, Kevin and Justin. Their visit was short and sweet. They were three dudes who looked completely bewildered (and kinda freaked out) at the whole birth thing. But they couldn't have been sweeter and more gracious. At about 9:40 PM Linda arrived! She stayed til the nurse came in to kick out visitors. It was really nice to have her there, and it was a triumphant moment to hear her say "I want one." I've got it on tape, Linda!

First thing the next morning Stacy came by on her way to work. We took a bunch of silly pics, like her holding up the baby Simba-style. Later that day Lisandra, Ura and J.C. came. Just as they left, Billy got there (again), this time bearing gifts. Flowers and a wonderful Beatrix Potter collection. My buddy Alison from work came, too. The whole work gang was planning on coming Thursday, but we decided on an early discharge from the hospital. We went home Wednesday night, just 26 hours after I gave birth!

I think Thursday was the only day no one came--we asked to have the day to ourselves. Friday, mom stopped by briefly.

Saturday was what I called Open House for friends who didn't get a chance to come to the hospital. Marcail came from Connecticut, and we spent a lovely couple of hours together. Lisandra came, and so did more work friends, Melissa and Amy. My parents came to take Theo for a few hours, and Joe was working, so it was just us girls. We ordered pizzas and chatted and passed around the baby, taking lots of pictures. It was a surprisingly relaxing day! I loved it!

Sunday was another family day. It was Father's Day, so Theo and I made peanut-butter banana oatmeal pancakes and eggs and sausages for breakfast. We gave Joe a tin with Theo's and Melody's hand prints next to each other, in a plaster-clay mold. Aunt Pia was in town! She brought Nonny with her, and Adam! Mom, dad, Ell, and Gloria came, too! This baby is very loved. It was wonderful to see my family dote on her.

Yesterday my friend of 20 years came over. It's amazing that I can say that about someone! Danielle and I met in Kindergarten, and it occurred to us that we were Theo's size. Actually, smaller, since he's so tall for his age. It was wonderful to see her. I hadn't seen her in 5 years. We reunited when Theo was born, and then lost touch again. Apparently I see her when I have babies! Hopefully it won't be another 5 years this time! Er, before I see her again. Not have a baby.

Today mom stopped by briefly again. It's cute how grandma is happy to come just to steal a few moments with her granddaughter.

Tomorrow Grandma Popcorn and Uncle Jim are coming for dinner, and my mom-in-law is going to spend the night with us so she can attend Theo's graduation Thursday morning. Yes...graduation!!!


Marcail said...

so, darling, where are the pictures!! loved meeting your lovely daughter and playing with your big boy! can't wait to see you again.

Linda said...

I so loved reading this post and I need to see Melody a third time before she gets too big!! She's already getting too big, I bet. Like you said, she should stay tiny forever, or at least for another month.