Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy 1 Week Birthday!

Here we are, a week later, and still madly in love with this gorgeous little creature in our lives. Joe has been working his butt off for our family, while I've been entertaining visitors--we have not had one visitor-less day since last week--and getting used to stay-at-home-mom-dom.

Melody lost her cord stump Sunday morning. I was a little concerned since she was just 5 days old, but yesterday at her first doctor's appointment the doc cleaned the area and all is well. At the doc she measured at 20 inches! The doc watched me breastfeed and was pleased with how it was going. It was cute how she checked to make sure she could hear Melody's gulping noises. They did a hearing screening yesterday. She had failed her hearing test at the hospital, and we were told not to worry and that it was common that early. Yesterday she passed in both ears--what a relief!

I didn't use a sling with Theo, but this time around I did tons of research and picked a fabulous sling. I've been staring at it for months--I couldn't wait to use it! I love it, and so does my daughter. She sleeps in there like, well, a baby. So far I've already gone on a few outings. Today and yesterday I took Theo to the playground while wearing Melody. It's just wonderful, truly, being out with the kids.

I've been having fun with my little doll, dressing her in different outfits. I'll post pics soon.

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