Monday, August 28, 2006


Theo has been into boobs lately. He grabs my boobs and says "boob!" Yesterday he grabbed Joe's chest and said "boob daddy ewwww." Then he grabbed mine and said "boob mommy ewwww." Joe corrected him and said one of those statements was incorrect.

Earlier this week, cousin Florey passed away. I'm sorry to say I didn't know her. But my mom took him to the funeral, since Joe and I were still in the Poconos, and in the middle of the service he yelled, "boob!"

This weekend in the Hamptons he grabbed the boob of two of the models that were with us. The girls giggled and thought it was so cute. I'm telling you, Theo is one smart cookie. He's a thinker, he is.


Grandma Carol said...

Well, actually it was right before the service started in the church that he called out Boob...he was really quiet during the actual service. But I don't think anyone thought anything of it under the circumstances...He was really sweet. But he definitely knows the word gets a reaction and is inspired both to say it and point or grab accordingly. :)

anastasia said...

I guess that means he misses me. :)

Elyse said...

Hey, boob, I was hoping you'd say something!