Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ode to Aunt Lisa

A couple of evenings ago Lisandra (Aunt Lisa) came over. Theo was immediately excited to see her. He pulled her over to the couch, sat her down, and went to get one of his big ring-shaped pillows. He started a game of catch with her. She happily played along, but if she and I dared to get caught up in conversation, he'd shove the ring in her hand and run back to his spot to catch it. Giggling, she obliged.

After he tired of that game, he began to bring a few of his toys over to Lisandra to show her. I had just read earlier in the day that one of the signs of autism is when a kid doesn't show you things. And honestly, Theo never really shows us anything. So I was a little saddened. And then suddenly, here she comes, and he's showing her everything! I told her she has to come over more often!

They sat at the piano together to make some fine music. For some reason, Theo decided that only he was going to play the high keys, and that it was Aunt Lisa's job to play the low keys. If she had the nerve to try to play the upper scales, he'd remove her hand and place it on the other side. And so the duet began.

I adore watching the two of them together; they are so unbelievably sweet. It's a dream come true to have a best friend who loves my child. When he was an itty baby she carried him around in his Baby Bjorn. She soothed him when he cried. She bounced him on her knee and vocalized, "ahhhh." And now, here he is, a big boy, and they still bounce and vocalize, and he does it along with her! It warms my heart. Nothing like tradition. I hope she bounces my grandkids.

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