Friday, August 04, 2006

Take Care, Day Care


Today is Theo's last day at daycare. End of an era. He was there a year. It had its flaws according to us grownups - too small, not enough running space, too much Spanish spoken. But Theo ran there happily every morning. Couldn't wait to go. He'd climb into our bed, wake us up by placing his sneakers on our chest.

Today they're having a little birthday party there (we brought cake and toys for the kids).

I wonder how he'll perceive never going to daycare again. He obviously won't verbally express but, but maybe he'll show signs of confusion for the first few days. But I doubt it. My guess is he'll get into his new routine instantly and forget all about daycare.

I suppose I should just be happy that he won't get hysterical that he can't see his friends anymore. But I also wish he'd miss it, or the opposite, be glad to be gone. SOMETHING, you know? I can only hope that he will have those kinds of emotions, and that they'll at least be in his head. And who knows, he may surprise me.

Now, onwards and upwards. Theo is a preschooler. Can you imagine?

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