Monday, August 07, 2006

Theo's 3rd Birthday


Yesterday Theo turned 3! At 2:38 AM I was up thinking about that baby who hurried out at that time three years ago. Thrashing about in my belly. 2 hours of labor. Kicking out of his baby blanket from the moment of birth. Walking early. Now running like a lunatic. He hasn't changed!

With lots of time and practice, Theo learned to answer "three" and hold up three fingers when asked, "How old are you?" I am so glad the folks at his birthday party got to hear his cute little voice say "three!" And he holds up his three fingers so tentatively, it's hysterical.

Thanks to all who came to the party, and to those who didn't thanks for sending your love.

It meant so much to me to have friends and family travel from all kinds of places to get there. There were some headaches with the park staff in the beginning, but all turned out well, thanks to the generous help of both my family and Joe's.

It's so amazing that my friend Marcail came and brought Katie, who has been in love with Theo since she met him! Melanie traveled from the upper west side, Billy and Linda came from Bayside via train; Lorena, Theo's speech therapist, and her husband came, which was especially touching!

Lisandra, thank you for your excellent macaroni salad, it was a hit!

I wish I could thank everyone here for their individual gifts but that would take all year. Suffice it to say Theo got lots of great toys, books, clothing, etc... My living room floor is covered in gifts!

Special thanks to Michelle and Gigi; they could not make the party but they gave Theo an AWESOME basketball hoop that counts as you score.

To document the happenings for the sake of well, documenting, Theo, Ethan, and Max had a blast whacking the pinata. Theo had no interest in what was inside and went right on whacking it after it burst.

Max and Ethan were so cute helping Theo blow out the candles on his cake (he tried, but was really just drooling on them) and helping him rip open his presents. After all, that's the best part!

Thanks again to everyone - Theo had such a blast! And so did his mommy and daddy.

And so another birthday party is behind us and the fourth year in this world begins.

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