Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Star Gazer

Once in a while a family has a perfect, all - American family day. When it happens, it's such a special treat that your heart feels full.

That was Sunday. We took a trip to the Museum of Natural History. We purchased passes to everything, we couldn't choose! The downside is we had to pay for Theo. What?? Sheesh. 19 dollars. The upside is Joe and I very quickly flashed our very expired student ID's, and they were accepted. (Joe's is a fake student ID. How many people do you know with fake student ID's? We got it so he could use them for student rushes at the theatre. I love my hubby!)

So the last time I was at this museum was, believe it or not, a field trip in elementary school. I remembered being bored out of my mind then. Except for the planetarium, of course...who doesn't love that?

The planetarium was our first stop. We wanted to go while Theo was still rested and in a good mood, because if nothing else, he was bound to enjoy that. As we rode the glass elevator, Theo echoed our cries of "whoaaaa!" Which became his new word for the space show.

We were seated in the space theater, and even before the lights went out and the show started, Theo was looking up in wonder at the giant domed ceiling/screen. When the theatre went pitch black and stars appeared in the "sky," Theo was immediately captivated. And any time something soared across the sky, like an asteroid or comet, he used his new word: "whoaaaa!" But I loved that he used the "whoa" appropriately. Not at random moments, but at times when something amazing was going on. He was really responding to the show.

The experience was truly special. Theo seated between us, our hands connecting behind him as we watched his eyes light up while he, well, stared into space.

Side note here: Robert Redford, the narrator, explained that the scientists have a plan to deter the asteroid the next time it targets us. "But it is only a plan. Maybe one of you will come up with a better one." That freaked me out. Oh boy, we're really in trouble if scientists are looking to me to help out. The only thing I know about a milky way is that it tastes good. Please, asteroids, stay away!

Next stop: Caves Imax. Joe and I were probably the only ones in the theatre getting turned on in a caves Imax. I by Liam Neeson's sexy narration, and Joe by the very flat, boyish, cave-exploring woman. Hmmmm. Oh, sorry, this blog is supposed to be about Theo. Yes, he enjoyed himself here, too. Sat still, sweet, and wide-eyed.

The journey through the museum itself was awesome. This time around, as a "grown-up," I loved every minute of it. I may not be the biggest science girl, but I'm sure a nature girl, and a "loves-seeing-how-people-used-to-live girl," and so as it turns out, I dig this museum over the art museums we usually visit. No pun intended on "dig."

Theo was so cute pointing out the el-pant, the lion (what sound does a lion make? roaaaaaaar! and he holds up his "claws", sooo cute), the bears, and repeating names of new animals he didn't know. At first, Joe held him up to a giant el-pant and scared him. But when he got used to the idea that they weren't moving, and that daddy is silly, he had a great time.

We had a couple of hours before our Darwin exhibit, so we went to lunch and the park. As Joe slept, Theo helped another 3 year old boy, Joshua, collect acorns for the squirrels. They played soccer and ran around. I was stuck with Joshua's dad, an Upper East Side yuppie who told me not to let Theo throw acorns.

By the time we hit Darwin, Theo was exhausted. So we quickly checked out some evolving skulls and hit the road.

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Grandma Carol said...

One night when mommy and daddy were in the Poconos we were taking an after dinner walk with Theo. We came upon a big expanse of pure sky above. No buildings, just deep blue sky. Well- Theo kept happily pointing up and saying sky and star and moooooooooon! It was so cute. I think the Planetarium must have rubbed off!