Monday, August 28, 2006

Still Singing

It was Joe's birthday this week, and as we were still in the Poconos but returning home, Joe looked forward all day to hearing his birthday song from Theo.

That evening, Theo was happy to oblige. He sang it all night. At first he would sing to Eeoo (Theo). I tried to get him to switch to "to daddy" and he refused...but once he got it right, his daddy's heart was very full. Theo's singing of the song has improved much already. For instance he uses more consonant sounds, like "Hap Day ee you." I wonder how he'll sing it by the time October 30th rolls around.

"Happy Birthday" got him started, but now Theo sings lots. His favorites are the Barney song and The Wheels on the Bus (complete with hand motions). Now, when I had Theo, I vowed never to sing the Barney song. I loathed it and I loathed Barney. But when I started taking Theo to playroup at about 9 months old, they ended each session with the song. And it was so cute how each kid hugged their mommy, including Theo, so I gave in. Evenutally as I got to know the kids they gathered to hug me too. But mommys always got the first hug and kiss before the kids made their rounds to other people they wanted to hug - as it should be. I wish I had blogged during those precious playgroup months. I'll talk more about it sometime soon.

And so Theo adores the Barney song and I sing it. Just one of the many vows broken before childbirth, I'm sure: I will never sing the Barney song. I will never allow Theo to drive or cross a street alone. So far, one down...
I turn on Barney at about 6:50 AM so Theo can hear the song. I can't tolerate the show, so he'll have to settle for the last 10 minutes. He sings along, hugs and kisses me, and then I rewind it so he can do it again. Ain't DVR revolutionary?

Theo also sings Itsy Bitsy Spider with all the hand motions, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. He's developing quite a repertoire.


Grandma Carol said...

We had so much fun singing with Theo; he has such a cute voice and good pitch. When my friend Kathie came over , we sang and demonstrated "Head Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and she was amazed at how fast he learned to follow along with the hand motions as he was trying to sing along. He really got into it, and was so cute doing it.

Elyse said...

Actually, he's already very familiar with that song, so he didn't pick it up THAT quickly. He's known it since his playgroup days. He really started doing it along with me within the past year or so. But that's just the motions. It's only now that he's starting to sing along too, so that's great. And it's so cute that you and Kathie did it with him!