Monday, August 28, 2006

How's Theo?

I am Sister Elyse, and it has been 10 days since my entry. Oh my, I'm a terrible person. But alas, as last week was a vacation week, I neglected my blog.

We just returned from another weekend in the Hamptons. Once again, Theo was such a good boy. He happily roamed the house and the grounds. We grumbled about the rain while it brought him great excitement. He is always a delight to take somewhere, because he enjoys everything. He sat and ate with us at every meal. He charmed everybody. He's just delicious.

And he learned to pour himself water from a water cooler. He knows how to stick the cup under the spout and push the button. I was in the living room and Theo kept walking in with his cup filled to the top, and crying because water was spilling on him.

That's another thing; he has become more conscious of being dirty vs. clean. When he eats and gets food all over his hands (e.g. from sauce) he asks for a napkin so he can clean his hands. He says, "dry," in the cutest little voice.

Theo talked quite a bit this week. He gave me an unsolicited "I want banana please (I want nana peese)." He had 6 bananas in 2 days and would have had more if there were more. People really ought to believe us when we tell them he's a monkey.

Theo is getting great with commands. Turn around. Sit down. Up. Naturally, his first sentences are commands. That's my Theo! Just goes to show how smart he is. He's certainly learning all the important things to say first. "Read again" is one of my favorites.

Last night on the long train ride home from East Hampton, our exhausted little family sat. Theo looked out of the window, his eyes wide with wonder at the raindrops, and his mommy and daddy staring in wonder at this beautiful boy, sometimes little, sometimes big.


Grandma Carol said...

As much as I love the other recent blog entries, this one has to be my favorite. First of all, your writing is just eloquent, especially the last paragraph. It made me misty.. ....
Yes, he does not like to be dirty. Whenever he got messy, he had a sad expression and when I cleaned him up, he was happy. I told him "It's okay to get a little messy, you're a little boy." :) He loved the silly sound effects I made while I washed off his hands and face and dried him with the towel. And yes, he really, really, loves his bananas. And broccoli. He went through scads of both with us too. We were so happy he likes healthy food. And he loved his little apple juice packs. And macaroni and butter water, just like mommy liked as a child. And we were talking with him non-stop and that and everything else seems to be kicking in. So glad about that. Everytime he issued a command, I said softly 'Please?' and he would look up with big eyes, smile, and say
'peese' in the cutest little voice. Now, how's a grandma supposed to say no? Well, not easily. :)

Elyse said...

He also eats raisin packs, and thanks to you, granola bars. He's such a good eater!

I'm glad you enjoyed reading the entry :)