Friday, October 20, 2006

Ah, Short -Lived Years of Loving School

As told to me by Joe:

Theo's bus is supposed to come by 8:20AM. This morning, when then bus still hadn't come at 9, and the bus company was of no help to my very frustrated husband on the phone, he took Theo to school himself.

When Theo realized that he wasn't going to be getting on his bus, but instead was going back upstairs with daddy, he was hysterical. He threw a fit. Even when Joe took him to the train, Theo kept his mad face on the entire time.

20 minutes later, when they arrived at school, Theo brightened up right away. When Joe looked up from signing Theo in, Theo was gone. He had run to the gym so that he could join circle time. The door was closed, and since he couldn't join his classmates, who were singing songs on the other side, Theo stood outside the door singing the songs.

Joe's nightmare of a morning had a happy ending.

(The bus, by the way, apparently shortly showed up after Joe left. So they say.)

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