Monday, October 09, 2006

If An Apple A Day Keeps the Doctor Away...


Then we won't be seeing the doctor for months. Yesterday we went apple picking with Jodi, the boys, and my mom in law.

Theo and his cousins are so sweet together. When asked how old he is, Theo holds up three fingers and says "thweeeeee," and the boys think it's the most hysterical thing. So when they see Theo, they always ask him how old he is. The other day my friend asked Theo that question and Theo answered, "four." I was so puzzled. Now I realize it's because his cousin Ethan taught him that.

The boys look out for Theo. Max brought in clothes that he thought Theo could wear. Alexander was very interested in Theo learning to talk at school. And Theo, boy, is he excited to see those kids! He walked into grandma's house over the weekend and waved, "Hi Ethan!" They all immediately got busy playing loudly in the basement. The adults able to watch the Mets sweep the Dodgers in peace, except for the sound of a crash or a clunk here and there.

We stayed the night on Saturday, and yesterday we all went apple picking. The boys were all good little tree climbers, although the little ones required assistance.

Later, my sister-in-law Jodi was very amused with the idea of going to APPLEbees after apple picking. A perfect way to end the day. Well, it would have been more perfect if Theo didn't eat my dessert in addition to his own.

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