Monday, October 23, 2006

The Cutest Little Dinner Guest

Being the upper crust socialites that we are, Joe and I entertained dinner guests two times in the past three days. (And being the geeks that we are both nights ended in board games).

Theo's behavior has always been hit or miss during these dinner parties. Both nights this weekend we gave him dinner before the guests arrived to ensure that he would eat. And both nights he sweetly sat at the table with us and proceeded to eat a second dinner.

Both nights he consumed unheard of amounts of sugar, both from beverages served and dessert. He tried to drink mommy's "juice" (the kind in the wine glass) but settled for "I tea." He had a gazillion helpings of cake and cookies and ice cream. The first night he was up until a mind boggling 1AM with no display of overtired crankiness. The second night was a school night and he got hysterical when we tried to put him to bed early. He wasn't having it, not with so much action taking place in the living room.

And so Theo remained as a guest at the table, all the way through dinner, dessert, and games. He charmed everybody. My little socialite sure loves attention.

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