Monday, October 16, 2006

Poop is a Part of Life

Last week I wrote a note to Grace saying I'd like to call her to discuss toilet training, and that I thought Theo was ready. She wrote back asking if he showed discomfort when wet.

That's an understatement! When Theo wets or dirties his diapers he takes it off himself if I don't act quickly enough. This reminds me of the Simpsons episode when Maggie changes her own diaper while Grampa, who is babysitting, is asleep on the couch.

Theo still thinks he's supposed to go to the potty AFTER he goes in his diaper. He also refuses to sit on the little child sized seat you put on top of the toilet. I guess because at school they have little toilets and don't need those. And so he hoists himself up onto the big toilet and balances, holding on to the sides. I hope he can still concentrate on the task at hand!

Once on the toilet, he starts singing the potty song I wrote, and makes me sing it. I wrote this song when he was tiny and couldn't wait to sing it with him one day. It's a thrill having your kid sing a song you wrote!

It goes like this:

Poop Is A part of Life

Poop is a part of life
Poop is a part of life
So you put it in the potty
Flush it away
And say goodbye
Until next time

I assure you it has a very catchy melody that goes along with it, and even a big stagey key change if you repeat the verse enough times. It's quite the classy song.

Anyway, today I have a phone meeting with Grace. Hopefully a plan will be in place to get started. We have to coordinate with her and all who babysit him to really get this to work.

P.S. Yesterday he wasn't into wearing a diaper, he wanted to wear underwear. I got so excited that I took him to the park diaperless. When he climbed the ladder and I saw his red underwear sticking out of his jeans, it almost brought a tear to my eye. He was so grown up. Then five minutes later he peed his pants. Luckily I had brought a diaper just in case. But ok, ok, I got ahead of myself! No underwear outside the house just yet!

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