Monday, October 23, 2006

Bringing Smiles to the World One Punk at a Time

Saturday, mom and I took Theo to Central Park. A woman there was making balloon animals for the kiddies. Grandma was happy to get Theo a couple. Theo had little interest in the final product, he just liked watching the balloons get blown up, and so we stayed a while to watch her blow up balloons for other children. In the end, the balloon lady handed Theo a smiley-face sticker, and he stuck it on his jacket.

Later, on the train ride home, Theo took the only available seat next to a punk-man with multiple piercings,a tattooed neck, and a leather jacket adorned with skulls. After looking at the man for a minute, Theo removed his smiley-face sticker and put it on the man's black leather jacket.

I guess he thought the man could use a brighter outlook.


anastasia said...

holy turd! what did the man say?

Elyse said...

Holy turd...can I steal that, that's great! Unfortunately, the man laughed. He turned out to be a sweet punk. We talked about how apparently skulls and smiley faces match. But I left this out of my post cuz it's boring. It would have been more funny if he grunted, annoyed at the child's happiness.