Friday, October 06, 2006

Funny Boy

Theo's sense of humor is improving. He's getting a better grasp on what is funny. For instance, last night he was playing with his toy schoolbus and saying, "choooo chooooo."

We laughed and told him a bus goes vroooooooom.

Theo said, shaking his head, "No vooom. bus choo choo"

A sentence! And a joke! What a great thing! He knew full well that a bus goes vroom. So we continued to banter back and forth and he continued to laugh and insist that a bus goes choo choo.

Another example: last night I lay down in Theo's bed and waited for him to pick up a book, as usual. He dipped into a bag of clothes and held up a hat. I said, "That's a hat. You can't read a hat!" Theo started cracking up. He took out a shirt. "That's not a book!" I played along. Next he held up a jacket, huge smile. Again, "That's not a book! You can't read a jacket!" And so on and so forth as he went through the clothes in the bag, laughing. (Eventually I realized the game wasn't going to stop if I kept laughing, so once I stopped laughing he finally went and got a book).

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