Thursday, October 19, 2006

Mets Monster

Uh oh, I've created a Mets monster. We've all been watching the playoffs this week.
Two nights ago I held up my fist and tried to get Theo to chant, "Let's Go Mets!" He didn't repeat it.

About an hour later, I was half asleep toward the end of the game. Joe shook me, "did you hear that, babe?"

"Et's go mmmmmmmmets," said a sweet voice, over and over again.

Joe and I were captivated by his cuteness. For about a minute. Then Theo forced me to do the fist thing and chant with him, and if I stopped, he threw a temper tantrum.

The same thing happened again last night.

My arm was getting tired from waving, so I resigned myself to singing endless rounds of Old McDonald instead. Theo is on an Old McDonald kick because his school will be visiting a farm soon. He has also been singing Farmer in the Dell. (I was happy to recognize the tune he was singing from the melody...not from the words).

Here's how we sing Old McDonald... when I get to "and on that farm he had a..." Theo names something. Usually he says pig, cow, or beet (sheep). But last night he started looking around and naming everything in the room.

And on that farm he had a... chair!
And on that farm he had a... daddy!
And on that farm he had a ... Bruce!
And on that farm he had a ... lamp!
And on that farm he had a ... turtle! (we don't have a turtle but he just saw Uncle Elliot's and Aunt Gloria's and so he must have been thinking about it)

For as long as I've known Joe I've seen him sing HIS version to kids.

And on that farm he had a ... tyrannosaurus rex. And then Joe eats the kid.

Last night Joe did:

And on that farm he had an ... alligator. And he snapped Theo up. Theo cracked up like crazy. It was wild to see Joe do with his own kid what I'd seen him do to so many before. Joe, as a photographer, has lots of funny ways to make kids smile. He has an electric handshake, he performs the taking off the thumb trick, he plays rock-paper-scissors and brings in an atomic bomb, he tells the story of how he was swallowed by a whale... it's fun whenever Theo gets old enough for Joe to use one of his age old games and make Theo laugh. It's things like that that made me fall in love with Joe 6 years ago, and it fills my heart to see him make my own son smile.

Well, I've digressed. I started talking about Theo the Mets Monster and ended up getting all gushy over my husband.

Anyway, tonight's game 7 of the playoffs...come on, come on, come on!!!! We NEED this win. Then it's off to the World Series.

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