Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How to Save Money

It was Sunday morning. I had already done laundry/housework on Saturday and didn't want to spend another day in, despite the rain. Joe was working, mom was busy, Lisandra was busy; I was at a loss for something to do.

Ok, I thought. Theo and I can go to the mall. He can play in the jazz playground and we always have fun when we go out on a date.

Theo curled up to me on the bus ride there. Uh oh, was he tired already? We haven't even gottent there yet!

First store, DSW shoe store, and if you know DSW, you know that it's huge. Theo refused to stay with me, and started running around the store and getting lost if I took my eye off him for one second (which I did, many times, to look at shoes). Finally I dragged him over to the shoes I wanted to try on and forced him to sit down while I sported some cute red flats. But Theo wasn't having it. First he threw his toy bus. Then he chucked a turquoise stilleto. Sigh. I knew we had to leave.

I took him to the playground, and got overpriced pizza. We had a good time sharing lunch. Then he went on a few of those quarter car rides. Finally, the sweet bonding I'd hoped for.

My next stop was Gamestop to buy a game. Just as I found a cool DS game I was set to purchase, he ran out of the store and toward the escalator, to head back to the playground. I fled the store and got to him before he could step on.

Foolish and stubborn as I am, afterward I went into Claires to look at some jewelry. That stop lasted all of five seconds, since he immediately attempted to climb the counter.

I gave up and headed home. Of course, he fell asleep on the short bus ride, meaning I didn't get to have my nap when he'd have his at home.

I guess Theo gets his hatred of malls from his father. Next time I want to save money, I'll have to take Theo with me.

I left a mall, a MALL, having only bought an overpriced slice of pizza and a dollar's worth of car rides. I may not have pretty new shoes, earrings, or a cool new video game, but I have a darling little boy. Grrrrrr.

Maybe it's time I put him on a leash.

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