Monday, October 09, 2006

Das Boot

As told to me by mom, over instant messenger:

Kanary Kat 303 (2:33:48 PM): Theo had so much fun in the playground in Roslyn and checking out the ducks. And guess what? Remember we once took him there when it was snowing and he lost a boot? Well there must be something about Roslyn, because when we left the playground area and went to the water to watch the ducks, sure enough, we looked down and Theo had only one sneaker on. (It was back at the swings, and we got it, but how funny is that to happen again?)

He was totally mesmerized by the animals, he sat down on the dock as low down as you could sit, and gazed at all the ducks and their babies. Dad got all excited when he realized what he had thought were pigeons were baby ducks. They followed around their mommies.

When we got back, I prepared him a macaroni and cheese, but in the five minutes it took to make, he had fallen fast asleep on the couch.

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Grandma Carol said...

Yay- you put the story on the blog- He 's so delicious, so much fun!